38 Two clowns enter, one clown leaves

Hamlet 5.1 – Finally, Hamlet’s back in the play, and there are clowns in the graveyard! It doesn’t make Ophelia’s funeral any more festive though.

I had thought this episode was going to be shorter… but the more I dig into Hamlet, the more I find rich material to chew on. Such as the Elizabethan Sumptuary Laws. Pretty drastic fashion measures to be sure. It sure would make Project Runway a different experience: “”I’m sorry, but your design over steps your place- you’re to be flogged.” Bring it!

37 Ladies of Hamlet
Hamlet special – Guest actor, Kymberly Tuttle, and I speak about the women of Hamlet, Shakespeare, and somehow end up with a little Brecht in the mix. It’s difficult to keep on topic with so many ways to play it!

So nice to finally have Kymberly on. I had a whole list of things to talk about, and we only got to half of it. The original conversation was over two hours, much of which went off in directions far far away from Hamlet. We’ll have to have her back when we talk about other plays… such as Macbeth.


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