Richard II Act 3 scene 1-2 – Time for Bushy and Green to face the music. Richard returns to England. We witness the mother of all tantrums.

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  2. Juti’s NPR link: How did the Bard really sound?
  3. Stuff You Missed in History Class (April 4th episode), and Home.
  4. Why did a riot start over Shakespeare?
  • Urging dwelling
  • Pernicious harmful
  • Lineaments distinctive features
  • Disfigured clean
  • Security over confidence
  • Signories domains
  • Ague fever




One Response to 80 Royal Meltdown

  1. Caroline says:

    The advice to not fear death because you won’t have to fear death anymore if you die – since I just watched 2 Henry IV it reminded me of the words of the tailor who refuses to pay off Falstaff to get out of the army because if he dies today then he won’t have to worry about death tomorrow. Important to Shakespeare, or important to Elizabethans?

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