Hamlet 4.4 – En Route to England, our escorted prince runs into Fortinbras and his army, inspiring him to perform one final soliloquy… we are promised bloody thoughts. Hurray!

How’s It Gonna End, by Tom Waits, courtesy of http://music.mevio.com

This was such a small scene, I figured I’d throw in an extra show- of coarse being Hamlet, it wasn’t as simple as it first appeared. But there is a simplistic, sad beauty to the scene. Something about how Hamlet and Fortinbras feel so alienated from the world around them, and so, so very far from completing their revenge. There is a definite change in the play after this point… the end is not far off now.

One small correction… I mention that the next show is episode 34. Clearly, that is impossible, as this was 34. The next show will be episode 35- Mad World. Hmmm…. what could that refer to?

I was very excited to finally find an episode to use a Tom Waits song in (How’s It Gonna End). If you listen closely, there are a few lines in the song  that related to Hamlet. So glad I found music.mevio.com. I enjoy doing Shakespeare, music pairings. Look for more in the future.



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