In order to provide a better listening experience, Chop Bard is moving to Libsyn! Which means at some point in time, this (Bard) blog will no longer be available here… no great loss, as the current location has proven to be more and more difficult to maintain.

From here on, all new updates, and show notes, will happen over on Libsyn.

If you like this format, we hope you will not morn for it’s loss–it’ll he around for a while yet.
We will remain at, and, in addition to our new home on Libsyn, where all the show notes will appear, and all the audio for all of our shows.
We have provided links to that here, so you can check out our new reality.

Romeo & Juliet


The Tempest


Richard II

1 Henry IV

2 Henry IV

Henry V

Twelfth Night

King Lear

The Winter’s Tale

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

And all our Special Episodes

Thank you for listening. We look forward to a smoother interaction!

Bard be with you!



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