H5_logoHenry V 4.2 – 4.6 – Sunrise on Saint Crispin’s day. Time to start the bloody battle!

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel




  • Dout extinguish
  • Hilding base
  • Sonance sound
  • Enow enough
  • Slovenry untidiness
  • Vaward vanguard
  • Raught reached
  • Alarum call to arms

H5_logoHenry V 4.1 – We take a late-night, early-morning stroll with Henry, to clear our heads. No sleep ’til Agincourt!


  • Slough skin
  • Legerity nimbleness
  • Peradventure perhaps
  • enow enough
  • Flexure bowing
  • Wots knows

H5_logoHenry V 3.7, 4.0 – In the long hours before battle, the French boast and play at wits, while the English contemplate their doom.

NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage

  • Lief gladly
  • Stilly softly
  • Paly pale



H5_logoKatherine learns English, and the French vent their fury, while Henry and his army limp along toward Calais.

What Makes a Great Shakespearean?

Globe to Globe Hamlet


Serpent of Venice

  • Sur-reined hard-ridden
  • Pennons banners
  • Sink cesspool
  • Buxom lively



CBEPlogoThis is the episode where we celebrate Shakespeare’s 450th birthday.

Music: Divertissement by Kevin MacLeod (


H5_logoHenry V 3.2, 3.3 –  Some will shirk, while others fight, as the siege of Harfleur comes to an end.

Richmond Shakespeare Festival

  • Cullions rascals/testicales
  • Bawcock fine fellow
  • Lenity mildness
  • Chuck term of endearment
  • Swashers blustering braggarts
  • Antics bafoons



CBEPlogoDo you have a favorite, line, speech, soliloquy, monologue, sonnet, or whatnot?
Would love to share it?

If so, we have need of them!
Chop Bard is putting together a special episode to celebrate Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday, on April 23rd. It will consist of people reading their favorite pieces from Shakespeare.

If you, or someone you know is interested: please record your reading* and send it to

We looking forward to hearing them!

*All recordings remain property of the reader.
Unless otherwise approved by the reader, all recordings will be for this one time specific celebration use.


H5_logoHenry V 3.0, 3.1 – With speed of thought we fly from the port, to sea, to France, to battle… and once more unto the breach!

Henry V DVD

Speak the Speech

Shakespeare Pro App


  • Eke out supplement
  • Aspect appearance
  • Portage portholes
  • Slips leashes



H5_logoHenry V 2.3-2.4 – After one final visit to the old tavern in Eastcheap, we say farewell to England and bonjour to France, where King Charles VI prepares for the worst.

Henry IV part 1, Digital Theatre

Henry IV part 1, Amazon

Henry IV part 1, Shakespeare’s Globe

  • ‘A he
  • Earn grieve
  • Wheresome’er wheresoever
  • Ordure dung
  • Ordinance artillery



H5_logoHenry V 2.2 – Unmasking betrayal proves easier than finding it’s heart, as Henry deals with Cambridge, Scroop and Grey.

Richard II encore

The Third Witch

Henry IV part 2


  • Glist’ring glistening
  • Tartar Tartarus, hell
  • Affiance trust
  • Puissance power
  • Quit acquit
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