H5_logoHenry V 5.0 – 5.2  –  The battle of Agincourt may be over, but Henry has yet to face his greatest challenge: Winning the heart of Katherine of France.

Alan Cumming, The Head That Wears A Crown

  • Ostent display
  • Plebeians common people
  • Qualmish nauseated
  • Victuals food
  • Avouch uphold
  • Deracinate wipe out
  • Incorporate united

H5_logoHenry V 4.7 – 4.8  – Time to end the bloody battle, count the dead, and bring out the gloves.

National Theatre Live: King Lear

Complete Works



  • Skirr scurry
  • Yerk kick
  • Craven coward
  • Arrant thoroughgoing
  • ‘sblood God’s blood
  • Non nobis Psalm 115
  • Te Deum hym of thanksgiving

H5_logoHenry V 4.2 – 4.6 – Sunrise on Saint Crispin’s day. Time to start the bloody battle!

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel




  • Dout extinguish
  • Hilding base
  • Sonance sound
  • Enow enough
  • Slovenry untidiness
  • Vaward vanguard
  • Raught reached
  • Alarum call to arms

H5_logoHenry V 4.1 – We take a late-night, early-morning stroll with Henry, to clear our heads. No sleep ’til Agincourt!


  • Slough skin
  • Legerity nimbleness
  • Peradventure perhaps
  • enow enough
  • Flexure bowing
  • Wots knows

H5_logoHenry V 3.7, 4.0 – In the long hours before battle, the French boast and play at wits, while the English contemplate their doom.

NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage

  • Lief gladly
  • Stilly softly
  • Paly pale



H5_logoKatherine learns English, and the French vent their fury, while Henry and his army limp along toward Calais.

What Makes a Great Shakespearean?

Globe to Globe Hamlet


Serpent of Venice

  • Sur-reined hard-ridden
  • Pennons banners
  • Sink cesspool
  • Buxom lively



CBEPlogoThis is the episode where we celebrate Shakespeare’s 450th birthday.

Music: Divertissement by Kevin MacLeod (


H5_logoHenry V 3.2, 3.3 –  Some will shirk, while others fight, as the siege of Harfleur comes to an end.

Richmond Shakespeare Festival

  • Cullions rascals/testicales
  • Bawcock fine fellow
  • Lenity mildness
  • Chuck term of endearment
  • Swashers blustering braggarts
  • Antics bafoons



CBEPlogoDo you have a favorite, line, speech, soliloquy, monologue, sonnet, or whatnot?
Would love to share it?

If so, we have need of them!
Chop Bard is putting together a special episode to celebrate Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday, on April 23rd. It will consist of people reading their favorite pieces from Shakespeare.

If you, or someone you know is interested: please record your reading* and send it to

We looking forward to hearing them!

*All recordings remain property of the reader.
Unless otherwise approved by the reader, all recordings will be for this one time specific celebration use.


H5_logoHenry V 3.0, 3.1 – With speed of thought we fly from the port, to sea, to France, to battle… and once more unto the breach!

Henry V DVD

Speak the Speech

Shakespeare Pro App


  • Eke out supplement
  • Aspect appearance
  • Portage portholes
  • Slips leashes


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