H5_logoHenry V 2.2 – Unmasking betrayal proves easier than finding it’s heart, as Henry deals with Cambridge, Scroop and Grey.

Richard II encore

The Third Witch

Henry IV part 2


  • Glist’ring glistening
  • Tartar Tartarus, hell
  • Affiance trust
  • Puissance power
  • Quit acquit

Henry V 2.0-2.1 – The youth of England may be hot for war, but before we follow the King to Southampton, we need to visit some old friends in Eastcheap.



  • Solus solo
  • Egregious notorious
  • Perdie by God
  • Lazar leper
  • Quondam former
  • Quotidian intermittent fever, recurring every day
  • Tertian intermittent fever, recurring every other day



H5_logoHenry V 1.2 – The Salic law issue is laid to rest, and the ambassadors from France bring a very special gift from the Dauphin to King Henry.

Made of Glass, by Jackie Reuter


  • Approbation proof
  • Gloze interperet
  • Defunction death
  • Convey’d misrepressent
  • Marches border region
  • Close cadence
  • Aim of Butt target
  • Boot booty
  • Mechanic menial
  • Gallia France

H5_logoHenry V 1.0-1.1 – Turns out, this play is full of actors only pretending to wage war. The Archbishop of Canterbury tries to save the church.

Opening music:
“Devastation and Revenge” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


The History of England Podcast

The Princes who swallowed a Glass Piano

  • Invention creative imagination
  • Port bearing
  • Crooked figure zero
  • Addiction inclination
  • Riots reveling
  • Fain gladly

H5_logoHenry V – We begin our 8th series with a little history, a touch of perspective, and a lot of strife, in an effort to have a great war!

The blessings of Union can only be understood against a background of division.”
Edward Hall







CBHalloweenFrom episode 15, The Halloween Episode






CBEPlogoOn this special episode we take an in depth look at the craft of acting Shakespeare; The tools, skills, and awareness you must develop in order to competently serve an audience.



H42epLogo2 Henry IV 5.1-5.5 – As the wayward prince sets aside his past in order to become the king, there’s still a few loose ends to tie up and one final showdown to be had.



  • Aweful awesome
  • Graffing grafting
  • Husband steward
  • Shrows shrews
  • Leman sweetheart
  • Beshrew curse





H42epLogo2 Henry IV 4.3 – As the King’s time comes to an end, Prince Hal gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Suddenly the future isn’t looking so bright––what’s a father to do?

  • Address’d prepared
  • Want lack
  • Meting dealing out
  • Gross terms coarse language
  • Mete appraise
  • Biggen nightcap
  • Pinch torment
  • Soil moral stain






H42epLogo2 Henry IV 4.1-4.2 – Prince John invites the The Archbishop of York and crew to parley peace (oh look, there’s wine!) and Falstaff arrives just in time to catch some action.


  • Discoverers scouts
  • Sway on advance
  • Fronts confronts
  • Point notes of a trumpet
  • Show appear
  • Wanton self-indulgent
  • Heat urgency
  • Crudy curded
  • Seal with make use of


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