The Chop Bard podcast passionatley picks apart the plays of William Shakespeare, scene by scene, line by line, in search of entertainment and understanding, offering a fresh and entertaining look at some old goods- it is the cure for boring Shakespeare.

Episode 165 | Sixteen Years Later...

The Winter's Tale – Act IV scene 1, 2 & 3
Welcome to Bohemia! Where time passes at it pleases, kings spy on their heirs, and thieves pass for tinkers.

Episode 164 | Perdita & The Bear

The Winter's Tale – Act III scene 3
Antigonus, guided by a disturbing dream, arrives in Bohemia with Hermione's baby daughter.

Episode 163 | First-Fruits, And Third Comfort

The Winter's Tale – Act III scene 1 & 2
Cleomines and Dion return with the oracles response, as Hermione is brought to trial. For good, or ill, her ordeal ends here.

Episode 162 | Schrodigner's Baby

The Winter's Tale – Act II scene 2 & 3
From Hermione's prison cell, hope is born. When Paulina makes her appearance, Leontes may be outmatched!

Episode 161 | Spider In The Cup

The Winter's Tale – Act II scene 1
The serenity of mother and child is shattered as Leontes publicly accuses his wife of adultery.

Episode 160 | Injury Of Tongues

The Winter's Tale – Act I scene 2, part 2
Leontes, convinced of his wife's adultery, looks to his most faithful confidant, Camillo, to help resolve his troubled mind.

Episode 159 | Sicilia, You're Breaking My Heart

The Winter's Tale – Act I scene 2, part 1
Polixenes truly desires to return home, but Hermione convinces him to stay, while Leontes has some bad ideas.

Episode 158 | Tragical-Comical-Pastoral... Romance?

The Winter's Tale – Intro, and Act I scene 1
A sad tale may be best for winter, but Shakespeare had something else in mind. Come join us in the Kingdom of Sicilia, where everything is just swell.