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The podcast dedicated to picking apart the works of William Shakespeare, scene by scene, offering a fresh and entertaining look at some old goods- it is the cure for boring Shakespeare.

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Current Episode
King Lear

Episode 150 Fie, Foh, and Fum

King Lear – Act III scene 3 & 4 – Seeking shelter from the storm, Lear & company encounter Edgar (disguised as Poor Tom), while Gloucester makes a desperate decision.

Show Notes

Current Series

arrow Episode 149 I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Rain
King Lear – Act III scene 1 & 2 – Blow winds and crack your cheeks! Lear and his fool find themselves in the middle of nowhere, caught in a storm storm, and without so much as a hat.

arrow Episode 148 Children of Spleen
King Lear – Act II scene 4 – It's a two on one grudge match: Old man Lear verses his thankless daughters!
Featuring: Kate Miller and Kymberly Tuttle

arrow Episode 147 Thou Unnecessary Letter
King Lear – Act II scene 2 & 3 – Kent bumps into a rival-messenger at Gloucester's house, while Edgar disappears.

arrow Episode 146 A Queasy Question
King Lear – Act II scene 1 – Gloucester receives a surprise visit, just as Edmund’s deceptions pay off, and whispered rumors hint of war.

arrow Episode 145 Old Man Shadow
King Lear – Act I scene 5 – Stuck waiting to leave, not even the fool's jokes can keep doubt and fear from creeping into Lear's thoughts. Featuring: G.Robin Smith

arrow Episode 144 Serpent's Tooth
King Lear – Act I scenes 3 & 4 – Goneril takes steps to remedy the burden of her father. A disguised Kent returns, and Lear's fool finally makes an appearance. Featuring: Kate Miller

arrow Episode 143 You Bastard!
King Lear – Act I scene 2 – Edmund exposes his true nature, and eclipses his father Gloucester's trust in absent son Edgar, who eventually shows up.

arrow Episode 142 Something From Nothing
King Lear – Act I scene 1 – The King has decided to retire and demands to know which of his daughters loves him the most, as he breaks apart the kingdom. It does not go well. Feature: Rebeca Gross

arrow Episode 141 Don't Fear the Lear
King Lear – We begin series number ten with an introduction to Shakespeare's hardcore tragedy about a King and his three daughters. We talk history, Quarto vs.Folio, and breakdown an impossible persona.

Previous Series

Twelfth Night

arrow Episode 140 Twelfth Night
Twelfth Night – The complete audio, uninterrupted by commentary.
Featuring: Matt Gordon, Eve Marie Mugar, Heather Ordover, and Emily C. A. Snyder.

arrow Episode 139 The Wind and the Rain Twelfth Night – Act 5 scene 1 – It's the end, as all our characters come together in one frantic collision. O, time, make it fadge!
Featuring: Matt Gordon, Eve Marie Mugar, and Emily C. A. Snyder Tavern Wind & the Rain, by Trilsean, courtesy G.Robin Smith

arrow Episode 138 Check Please Twelfth Night – Act 4 scene 1-3 – Sebastian is assaulted by Toby and Andrew. Malvolio endures torment by Sir Topas. Olivia finally gets her man... sort of.
Featuring: Heather Ordover, and Emily C. A. Snyder. Down in A Hole, by Audrey Auld, courtesy of

arrow Episode 137 Hold Thy Spleen Twelfth Night – Act 3 scene 4 – Olivia encounters a new suitor, as Malvolio shows us his cross-garters, and paths begin to cross.
Featuring: Eve Marie Mugar, Heather Ordover, and Emily C. A. Snyder Okemah Moon, by Lee Alexander, courtesy of

arrowEpisode 136 A License of Ink 136 Twelfth Night – Act 3 scene 2-3 – Andrew has had enough, and wants to go home, while Sebastian plays tourist. I have a bad feeling about this.
Featuring: Heather Ordover. Pirate Song, by Jonah Knight, courtesy of

arrowEpisode 135 For Love of a Beard Twelfth Night – Act 3 scene 1 – Viola, as Cesario, returns to Olivia's, and is beset on all sides. Oh, the things we do for love. Featuring: Eve Marie Mugar, and Emily C. A. Snyder. Disguise, by Tess Henley, courtesy of

arrowEpisode 134 Trout Tickling Twelfth Night – Act 2 scene 5 – Maria sets the trap that will ensnare Malvolio, as Sir Toby, Fabian, and Andrew play the part of peanut gallery.
Featuring: Heather Ordover. The Little Things We Do, by Andrew Ferris, courtesy of

arrowEpisode 133 Pleasure in Pain Twelfth Night – Act 2 scene 4 – Orsino attempts to educate Cesario in the ways of women and relationships. Viola has something to say about that. Feste sings another song. Love is weird in Illyria.
Featuring: Matt Gordon, and Eve Marie Mugar. Something About You, by Ukulele Jim, courtesy of

arrowEpisode 132 Literally Twelfth Night! Twelfth Night – Act 2 scene 3 – Crack open your favorite libalation, and come festefy yourself with the antilating antics of Sir Toby, Andrew, Feste, and Maria. Just don't tell Malvolio-lio.
Featuring Heather Ordover Sailing with the Captain, by Dust Rhinos, courtesy of

arrowEpisode 131 Isn't It Bromantic Twelfth Night – Act 2 scene 1 & 2 – A twin is revealed, and Viola discovers that being a guy has only made matters worse.
Featuring Eve Marie Mugar. Real Boy, by Kesang Marstrand, courtesy of

arrowEpisode 130 What You Will Twelfth Night – Act 1 scene 5 – The Lady Olivia finally makes her appearance! Paths cross, personalities clash, and the prodigal fool returns.
Featuring Heather Ordover, Eve Marie Mugar, and Emily C. A. Snyder. Company of Fools, by Great Big Sea, courtesy of

arrowEpisode 129 Masques and Revels Twelfth Night – Act 1 scene 3 & 4 – Let misbehavior reign, as Sir Toby Belch, Maria, and Sir Andrew Aguecheek make their way into the play, while Viola makes her first appearance as a boy.
Featuring Matt Gordon, Eve Marie Mugar, and Heather Ordover. Bring the Noise - Unholy Trio, by Drunken Prayer,courtesy of

arrowEpisode 128 Lost in Illyria Twelfth Night – Act I scene 1 & 2 – There's heartbreak in Illyria as we meet Duke Orsino and the shipwrecked Viola.
Featuring: Matt Gordon, and Eve Marie Mugar. Lioness, by Kesang Marstrand, courtesy of

arrowEpisode 127 The Balance of Excess Twelfth Night – Series number nine sheds the enormity of history, in favor of a comedy, where anything goes, as long as it's paid for.
Brought to you by, Paul Ammann, Paul Jackson, Jason McDonald, Scott Maxwell, and Philip Hickman.

Henry IV part 1

Henry VEpisode 125 Un Aller Et Retour
Henry V 5.0 - 5.2 – The battle of Agincourt may be over, but Henry has yet to face his greatest challenge: Winning the heart of Katherine of France.

Henry VEpisode 124 Agincourt Conclu
Henry V 4.7 - 4.8 – Time to end the bloody battle, count the dead, and bring out the gloves.

Henry VEpisode 123 Agincourt Commence
Henry V 4.2 - 4.6 – Sunrise on Saint Crispin's day. Time to start the bloody battle!

Henry VEpisode 122 Toute La Nuit
Henry V 4.1 – We take a late-night, early-morning stroll with Henry, to clear our heads. No sleep 'til Agincourt!

Henry VEpisode 121 Beaucoup De Bruit Pour Chevaux
Henry V 3.7, 4.0 – In the long hours before battle, the French boast and play at wits, while the English contemplate their doom.

Henry VEpisode 120 Pardon Mes Français
Henry V 3.4, 3.5, 3.5 – Katherine learns English, and the French vent their fury, while Henry and his army limp along toward Calais.

Henry VEpisode 118 Les Disciplines de la Guerre
Henry V 3.2, 3.3 – Some will shirk, while others fight, as the siege of Harfleur comes to an end.

Henry VEpisode 117 Allons-y! Allons-y!
Henry V 3.0, 3.1 – With speed of thought we fly from the port, to sea, to France, to battle... and once more unto the breach!

Henry VEpisode 116 Adieu l'Angleterre
Henry V 2.3-2.4 – After one final visit to the old tavern in Eastcheap, we say farewell to England and bonjour to France, where King Charles VI prepares for the worst.

Henry VEpisode 115 Monstrous Treachery
Henry V 2.2 – Unmasking betrayal proves easier than finding it's heart, as Henry deals with Cambridge, Scroop and Grey.

Henry VEpisode 114 The Humour of it
Henry V 2.0-2.1 – The youth of England may be hot for war, but before we follow the King to Southampton, we need to visit some old friends in Eastcheap.

Henry VEpisode 113 It's a McGuffin!
Henry V 1.2 – The Salic law issue is laid to rest, and the ambassadors from France bring a very special gift from the Dauphin to King Henry.

Henry VEpisode 112 Cue the Muse

Henry V 1.0-1.1 – Turns out, this play is full of actors only pretending to wage war. The Archbishop of Canterbury tries to save the church. Opening music: "Devastation and Revenge" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Henry VEpisode 111 A Background of Division
Henry V – We begin our 8th series with a little history, a touch of perspective, and a lot of strife, in an effort to have a great war!

Henry IV part 1

Henry IVEpisode 109 Farewell Sack and Sugar
2 Henry IV 5.1-5.5 – As the wayward prince sets aside his past in order to become the king, there's still a few loose ends to tie up and one final showdown to be had.

Henry IVEpisode 108 Not Dead Yet
2 Henry IV 4.3 – As the King's time comes to an end, Prince Hal gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Suddenly the future isn't looking so bright––what's a father to do?

Henry IVEpisode 107 John Gives Peace A Chance
2 Henry IV 4.1-4.2 – Prince John invites the The Archbishop of York and crew to parley peace (oh look, there's wine!) and Falstaff arrives just in time to catch some action.

Henry IVEpisode 106 Past is Prologue
2 Henry IV 3.1-3.2 – King Henry finally appears in his own play, while Falstaff travels out into the country––taking the long road to Yorkshire––pricking as he goes.

Henry IVEpisode 105 Boar's Head Redux
2 Henry IV 2.4 – Romance is ripe, back in our favorite tavern, as Falstaff and Doll Tearsheet while away the evening. At some point a Pistol will go off. Special guest vocals by Kymberly Tuttle.

Henry IVEpisode 104 In Hotspur's Shadow
2 Henry IV 2.3 – Northumberland is about to join forces with the rebels against the King, but his wife and the Lady Percy have other ideas. Spoiler: It involves going to Scotland. Special guest vocals by Heather Ordover.

Henry IVEpisode 103 Road to Ruin
2 Henry IV 2.1 - 2.2 – Hostess Quickly attempts to reclaim a debt from Falstaff. Prince Hal unceremoniously wonders back into the play.

Henry IVEpisode 102 Fillip Me With A Three-Man Beetle
2 Henry IV 1.2 - 1.3 – Things are looking pretty bleak for the realm as Falstaff waddles back into our lives along with a whole new batch of rebels.

Henry IVEpisode 101 House of a Thousand Windows
2 Henry IV Prologue-1.1 – We jump back into the unstable world of Henry IV as the slanderous tongue of Rumour works its way through the land and into eager ears. Brought to you by, Paul Ammann, Caroline Foty, Ken Whitaker.
with Tom Synnott-Bell as Rumour
featuring Aftermath by Kevin MacLeod

Henry IV part 1

Henru IV 1Episode 99 Food for Worms
1 Henry IV 5.3 - 5.5 – The Battle of Shrewsbury begins! Before it all ends, we'll get more wisdom from Falstaff, and witness the inevitable confrontation of Harry vs. Harry.
Cheers to you, by the Dust Rhinos, courtesy of

Henru IV 1Episode 98 A Trim Reckoning
1 Henry IV 4.4 - 5.2 – King Henry meets with Worcester to negotiate a peace, even as sinister forces foreshadow future events. Falstaff teaches us a thing or two about honor. End of the world, by Great Big Sea, courtesy of

Henru IV 1Episode 97 Road to Shrewsbury
1 Henry IV 4.1 - 4.3 – Hotspur is beset with setbacks, Falstaff makes some coin, and Henry offers an olive branch.

Henru IV 1Episode 96 Eastcheap State of Mind
1 Henry IV 3.3 – We make one last stop at the tavern, to enlist the mighty Falstaff, and then it's off to the wars!
Ragged Crow, by the Dust Rhinos, courtesy of

Henru IV 1Episode 95 Curbing the Cub
1 Henry IV 3.2 – At long last, Prince Hal comes face to face with his father. Busted!
A Dozen Bloody Roses, by Dust Rhinos, courtesy of

Henru IV 1Episode 94 Don't Poke the Dragon
1 Henry IV 3.1 – The rebels gather to carve up a kingdom, but find themselves in pieces if they can't rein in the fiery Hotspur.
Procession, by Jillian LaDage, courtesy of

Henru IV 1Episode 93 If the Tavern's a Rock'n, Don't Come a Knock'n
1 Henry IV 2.4 – Back in the seedy embrace of Eastcheap, there's time for one last hurrah, before war descends. Come join us for a drink or twenty.
Whiskey in the jar, by Dust Rhinos, courtesy of

Henru IV 1Episode 92 No Time for Love, Lady Percy
1 Henry IV 2.3 – As Hotspur prepares for rebellion he is distracted by his wife, the lady percy. Special guest Heather Ordover helps turn up the heat on this fervid romance.
While My Guitar Gently Weeps, by AM w/ Tina Dico, courtesy of

Henru IV 1Episode 91 Trick or Treat
1 Henry IV 1.3 – Falstaff and his crew rise early for some villainous fun and games.
Judge or Jury, by The Kings of Nuthin, courtesy of

Henru IV 1Episode 90 Hotspur in the House! Holla!
1 Henry IV 1.3 – If the King thought he had a problem with his son, wait 'til he deals with the Percy family: Northumberland, Worcester and Hotspur.
Big Man Sylvest, by Dust Rhinos, courtesy of

Henru IV 1Episode 89 Hal and the Fat Man
1 Henry IV 1.2 – A round of sack for everyone as we meet our wayward prince, Hal and his dissolute and debauched friend, Sir John Falstaff. Just Cant Drink Any More, by Dust Rhinos, courtesy of

Henru IV 1Episode 88 Shaken Not Stirred
1 Henry IV – Pre show/1.1 – We prepare for our sixth series, and find good old King Henry IV off to a halting start. Sally Brown, by Dust Rhinos, courtesy of

Richard II

Richard 2Episode 87 Laying Richard to Rest
Richard II – To conclude this series, another discussion with poet and playwright, G.Robin Smith, about this most excellent and infectious play.

Richard 2Episode 86 Anointed in Blood
Richard II Act 5 scene 5-6 – While Richard waxes philosophic in his solitary prison, Henry takes on the burdens of being King.

Richard 2Episode 85 A Serpent Within
Richard II Act 5 scene 2-3-4 – King Henry IV makes his first appearance, the Duke and Duchess of York squabble over their treacherous son Aumerle, and we get a hint of things to come...

Richard 2Episode 84 Weep the Fire Out
Richard II Act 5 scene 1 – Farewell crown, and now, farewell Queen, as Richard says goodbye to his wife, Isabel.

Richard 2Episode 83 Woeful Pageant
Richard II Act 4 scene 1 – Bolingbroke, not yet King, has his hands full trying to solve the murder of Gloucester, get his hot-tempered lords in line, and that other thing... deposing Richard.

Richard 2Episode 82 Rue in the Garde
Richard II Act 3 scene 4 – The Queen (Isabel) is down in the dumps, as we learn about good horticulture, and get a harsh lesson in the dangers of spying.

Richard 2Episode 81 Down, Down, Down!
Richard II Act 3 scene 3 – Bolingbroke and Richard come face to face, like fire and water, to end this rebellious uprising.

Richard 2Episode 80 Royal Meltdown
Richard II Act 3 scene 1-2 – Time for Bushy and Green to face the music. Richard returns to England. We witness the mother of all tantrums.

Richard 2Episode 79 Lancaster Rising
Richard II Act 2 scene 3-4 – He's back! He's Back! Bolingbroke is back! But what does he intend?

Richard 2Episode 78 Run Away! Run Away!
Richard II Act 2 scene 2 – The Queen is very sad, and- OMG! Bolingbroke has landed at Ravenspurgh! He's back! What do we do... what do we do?

Richard 2Episode 77 Degenerate Dick
Richard II Act 2 scene 1 – Bad news: John of Gaunt is dying while the country withers in shame. Good News: Richard has now found a way to pay for his war.

Richard 2Episode 76 The Breath of Kings
Richard II Act I scene 3-4 – Bolingbroke and Mowbray prepare to engage in mortal combat. That odor you smell isn't horse- it's Bushy, Bagot and Green.

Richard 2Episode 75 The Lion Rampant
Richard II Act I scene 1-2 – Blood must answer for blood, as Richard tries in vain to tame two of his "leopards", and an old Duchess cries out for vengeance.

Richard 2Episode 74 Condemned to Repeat
Richard II pre show – We begin our 5th series with an epic battle between the forces of history, vs. the pen of Shakespeare... sorry History, you lose.


MacbethEpisode 72 Closing Accounts
Macbeth 5.4-5.9 – The blood of innocence is not spilt without a heavy price to be paid, and Macbeth has worked up quite a tab. It's time to face the man, not of woman born.
Song of Sixpence, by 4 and 20 blackbirds, courtesy of

MacbethEpisode 71 Speaking of Macbeth...
In this episode I sit down with G.Robin Smith to talk Macbeth- everything from death and transformation, to "Whatever Happened to Baby Thane?" The Wind and The Rain, by Trilsean, courtesy of G.Robin Smith

MacbethEpisode 70 No fear till Birnam!
Macbeth 5.1-5.3 – Lady Macbeth is sleepwalking and the Thanes fly from Macbeth as he prepares for the coming war. Suddenly, it's not so good to be the King.
See it as it Ends, by Confession of Faith, courtesy of

MacbethEpisode 69 Breaking Macduff
Macbeth 4.3 – We find Macduff in England, trying to convince Malcolm to save Scotland, and things get weird.

MacbethEpisode 68 Blood in the Nest
Macbeth 4.2 – Lady Macduff and her children put in a brief appearance in one of the darkest scenes in the play. Shakespeare may not have known too much about birds, but he knew a heck of a lot about death. Sleep with the Angels, by (De La Vega)
Ivy League, courtesy of

MacbethEpisode 67 Cauldron Fever
Macbeth 4.1 – The weird sisters lay down some freaky dark magic as Macbeth returns to them for a dose of "good news, bad news". This is way beyond putting the lime in the coconut. stars burn out, by lacunae, courtesy of

MacbethEpisode 65 Between the lines
Macbeth 3.5-3.6 – Hecate gets snubbed, Lennox gives us a wonderful example of irony without the humor, and there's a hint of war in the air. The Witch, by Clinic, courtesy of

MacbethEpisode 64 Dead Man's Party
Macbeth 3.3-3.4 – A bloody murder is carried out while Macbeth's grand feast gets underway- hey, who invited the bloody ghost? Zombie Dance Party, by Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion, courtesy of

MacbethEpisode 63 Downside of Regicide
Macbeth 3.1-3.2 – Banquo has doubts as the Lord and Lady Macbeth settle
into their new life of unease, suspicion, and bad dreams.
Another Man's Vine, by Tom Waits, courtesy of

MacbethEpisode 62 The Primrose path
Macbeth 2.3-2.4 – Knock, knock. Who's there? Murther. Murther who?
King Thuncan hath been murthered!

MacbethEpisode 61 Sleep no more
Macbeth 2.1-2.2 – Darkness, screeching owls, daggers of the mind, and unseen voices
in the night can only mean one thing: So long Duncan, we hardly knew you.
You Can Never Hold Back Spring, by Tom Waits, courtesy of

MacbethEpisode 60 Witch slapped
Macbeth 1.7 – Macbeth makes a decision, but it doesn't sit well with the wife, and Lady Macbeth unleashes her gentle powers of persuasion. Darkness Falls, by Sixty Miles Down, courtesy of

MacbethEpisode 59 Look who's coming to dinner!
Macbeth 1.5-6 – Lady Macbeth learns of the honors and events that have fallen upon her gentle husband... and fate is sending a very special guest her way. One Bad Woman, by Nathan Wiley, courtesy of

MacbethEpisode 58 Witch way to Cawdor
Macbeth 1.3-4 – The Weird Sisters are back, and ready to meet with Macbeth.
They have news to share, and something deep and dark begins to stir in the Thane
of Glamis.

MacbethEpisode 57 Hello darkness
Macbeth 1.1-2 – We begin with witches, meet King Duncan, and hear news of a bloody battle. I mean lots of blood... Buckets. Rivers of blood, and Macbeth isn't even on
stage yet. In the Past, by Satan's Pilgrims, courtesy of

MacbethEpisode 56 Difficult to stage effectively
Macbeth- Pre-show. Time to start our series on one of Shakespeare's darkest plays. It's all fun and games until you start slipping around in the gore.
She's a witch, by Oland, courtesy of

The Tempest

the tempestEpisode 53 Deeper than did ever plummet sound
The Tempest 5.1 – This is it, the end! Nothing left to do, but break and bury the staff, drown the books, and say goodbye to the magic. Oh, and also set Ariel free. Magic Man, by Heart, courtesy of

the tempestEpisode 52 Sweet dreams are made of this
The Tempest 4.1 – Pageant time! Now that Ferdinand is off the hook, and the lovers are free to be together, it's time to celebrate... but the end is near. I'll see you in my dreams, by Nicole Cardi, courtesy of

the tempestEpisode 51 Idus Martias
Enjoy the Ides of March, with Chop Bard's remix of one of Shakespeare's most iconic speeches- Mark Antony, from Julius Caesar. (Vocals provided by Marlon Brando courtesy of MGM's, Julius Caesar, 1953)

chop bardEpisode 50 Waiting to combust (celebrating 50)
Join me and guest G.Robin Smith (Playwright, Fundraiser, Shakespearean), as we talk Tempest, DOLTS, Shakespeare, and even a little Ben Franklin, on this special 50th episode.

the tempestEpisode 49 The dangers of sleeping
The Tempest 3.2-3 – Caliban plots a murder with his new master, and Prospero throws a dinner party for King and company; guess what he's serving... Crazy Dreams, by Jolie Holland, courtesy of

the tempestEpisode 48 It must be love
The Tempest 3.1 – In honor of Valentine's Day, we peek in on the lovers. It's not nice to spy, but since Prospero's hiding behind that bush over there... I'se The B'y, by Great Big Sea, courtesy of

the tempestEpisode 47 Drunken Shakespeare
The Tempest 2.2 – Caliban, unhappy with his current job situation, makes a huge career shift, and takes company with the recently unemployed, Trinculo, and Stephano. Featuring the voice of Peter Petropoulakos, as Trinculo. Drunken Sailor, by Blaggards, courtesy of

the tempestEpisode 46 Melted candy conscience
The Tempest 2.1 – Time for some villainy, as we catch up with the King, and his sea-swallowed court.... do I smell regicide cooking? Good thing Francisco and Adrian are around. Lion Sleeps No More, by Amaryoni, courtesy of

the tempestEpisode 45 The son becomes the father
The Tempest 1.2c – Poor Ferdinand... His father is drowned, his friends are lost, and he's stuck on a lonely island without- wait, a girl! You live around here? Simple Magic, by Marina V, courtesy of

the tempestEpisode 44 "For I am nothing if not critical"
The Tempest in review! In this episode, we'll take a look at Julie Taymor's version of 'The Tempest', as well as a few other versions, like Forbidden Planet and Shakespeare Behind Bars. Cheers To You, by Dust Rhinos, courtesy of

the tempestEpisode 43 Servants of air and earth
The Tempest 1.2b – Behind every great sorcerer, you'll find great servants- enter Ariel, and Caliban. Show me the magic! The Mermaid, by GreatBig Sea, courtesy of

the tempestEpisode 42 Dark backward abysm of time
The Tempest 1.2a – Safe on dry land, it’s story time as we meet a couple exiles; Prospero and his young daughter, Miranda. If you fall asleep, blame it on the magic. Another Man's Vine, by Tom Waits, courtesy of

the tempestEpisode 41 Don’t rock the Boatswain
The Tempest 1.1 – A ship bound for Naples, is caught in a violent storm. If you thought Ophelia had “too much of water”, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Lovesong, by Dont be a Stranger, courtesy of

the tempestEpisode 40 The Tempest Blows!
The Tempest – We begin our third series with one of Shakespeare’s last plays- a mysterious island, inhabited by spirits, monsters and survivors… wait, is this about Lost? Leis a lurrighan by Ceili Moss courtesy of


hamletEpisode 39 Unbated and envenomed since 1600
Hamlet 5.2 – It's the end for Hamlet. But he won’t go down quietly, and certainly not alone. He's going to have plenty of company in the hereafter… who could ask for more?

hamletEpisode 38 Two clowns enter, one clown leaves
Hamlet 5.1 – Finally, Hamlet’s back in the play, and there are clowns in the graveyard! It doesn’t make Ophelia’s funeral any more festive though.

hamletEpisode 37 Ladies of Hamlet
Hamlet special - Guest actor, Kymberly Tuttle, and I speak about the women of Hamlet, Shakespeare, and somehow end up with a little Brecht in the mix. It's difficult to keep on topic with so many ways to play it!

hamletEpisode 36 Captured by Pirates is good
Hamlet 4.6 - 4.7 – Horatio gets a letter from Hamlet, and oh joy, he’s back in town. Claudius gets a similar letter, but isn’t so happy; time to come up with a plan to kill the little @#$% before it’s too late! And oh, poor Laertes, I’m afraid we have some bad news…

hamletEpisode 35 Mad World
Hamlet 4.5 - Ophelia goes crazy, (she has her reasons), we’re besieged with some really long sentences, and Laertes comes home looking for revenge! It’s all Hamlet’s fault (except for the sentences)… but he’s out of town right now.

hamletEpisode 34 Crossing Denmark
Hamlet 4.4 - En Route to England, our escorted prince runs into Fortinbras and his army, inspiring him to perform one final soliloquy… we are promised bloody thoughts. Hurray! How's It Gonna End, by Tom Waits, courtesy of

hamletEpisode 33 So long, and thanks for all the worms!
Hamlet 4.1-3 - Hamlet’s hidden the body, and good luck getting a straight answer out of him! Where is it? Sponge… Where? Worms… Where’s Polonius? Guts... Time to go to England. Mother…

hamletEpisode 32 Hamlet… in the closet… with the rapier…
Hamlet 3.4 – Hamlet finally confronts his mother, we lose the foolish old man, and Freud’s evil influence returns, attempting to turn everyone into an hysteric.

hamletEpisode 31 This hent isn't horrid enough
Hamlet 3.3 – Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are getting ready for a trip, Claudius holds a private little pity party, and on route to see his mother, Hamlet crosses over to the dark side.

hamletEpisode 30 What’s it all about, Hamlet?
Hamlet 3.2 – The play’s the thing wherein Shakespeare can hide the “C” word. It’s opening night in Elsinore, and while his Mousetrap may not win a Tony, he will at least get a Claudius.

hamletEpisode 29 What’s the rub got to do with it?
Hamlet 3.1 – "To be or not to be", and "get thee to a nunnery". What else is there to say? Hamlet has a tough choice to make, a difficult encounter to navigate and- oh yeah, a play to edit.

hamletEpisode 28 Speak it to the wolves
Hamlet 2.2 part 2 – Hamlet is reunited with his old chums Rosencrantz & Guildenstern… or is it Guildenstern & Rosencrantz… then the actors show up, a plan is born, and we get another famous soliloquy- lights out, and scene. Mari Mac, by The Dust Rhinos, courtesy of

hamletEpisode 27 OMG this is the longest scene!
Hamlet 2.2 part 1 – R & G have been sent for to spy on H for C & G, but P thinks he already knows why H is mad. V & C return with good news from the King of N, and P tries to board H. And that’s just in the first part.

hamletEpisode 26 The art of indirectly directing
Hamlet 2.1 – Reynaldo (who’s Reynaldo?) is sent to Paris by Polonius to spy on Laertes, while Ophelia is having more boy trouble. It’s rough growing up in Denmark. Love is denied, by The Pulpit, courtesy of

hamletEpisode 25 I ain't afraid of no ghosts
Hamlet 1.4-5 - Time for Hamlet to meet the ghost... and his world is about to change... and yes, there's something rotten in Denmark.

hamletEpisode 24 Chaste treasure lockdown
Hamlet 1.3 – Ophelia gets a double dose of advice, from her Brother and her father; both drumming to the same tune- stay away from Hamlet. What’s a girl to do…?
Run Runaway by Great Big Sea, courtesy of

hamletEpisode 23 Welcome to Elsinore!
Hamlet 1.2 - Come meet the new King, his sometime sister-wife, and his chief-courtier-cousin-son, Hamlet.

hamletEpisode 22 Cue the ghost
Hamlet 1.1- we begin at midnight, in the cold… and already there is trouble in the air.

hamletEpisode 21 Stick it Freud!
We begin our series on Hamlet by letting go of some of the baggage this poor play has had to carry around, while we shed some light on the myth of Hamlet’s mommy issues. More fun is sure to follow. Shakespeare Pie by The FuMP, courtesy of

Romeo and juliet

romeo and julietEpisode 20 Poor sacrifices of enmity
Its drink and dagger time in Verona as we end the play with act 5 scene 3. Some shall be pardon'd, and some punished- hey, we get one more sword fight!
Bring it on by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, courtesy of

romeo and julietEpisode 19 O, woeful, woeful, woeful…
The wedding cheer becomes a sad burial feast, as we close out act 4, and jump into act 5-which is full of poison and wayward letters. Not even William Kempe (? - 1603) could turn this around.

romeo and juliet Episode 18 Just like the time Hermione died
We follow Juliet into Act 4, scene 1 though 3. If the Friar can’t help her find a way out, at least she has a knife. Still no sword fights… but there is a potion.

romeo and juliet Episode 17 Where are all the sword fights?
The final scene in act 3 is chock full of sorrow and obstacles. The kids part ways, and Juliet is given an ultimatum... Take a bite anyway- it's good for you!

romeo and juliet Episode 16 The Friar Strikes Back
What has become of Romeo? We’ll find out as we poke around in act III scene 3, and take a peek into III.4 to see what the Capulet’s are up too. Is it me, or is there a lot of whining in here?

chop bard Episode 15 The Halloween episode
Happy Halloween, from Chop bard!

romeo and juliet Episode 14 Worser than death
Act III.2 gives us Juliet, as she impatiently awaits the arrival of her untried husband- is it just me or did it suddenly get a lot hotter in here? Quick, somebody call the nurse! Too later, she’s already here… and the news isn’t good.
Lonesome Hearted Woman’s Blues by Plastic Soul band, courtesy of

chop bard Episode 13 The Intermission Episode
We take a brief intermission from the tragedy of Romeo & Juliet and talk about Orange-girls, the authorship question and... intermission.
Intermission by Proxy by The Spindles, courtesy of

romeo and juliet Episode 12 O, loving hate
It’s act III, and everything is about to change. Spoiler alert: not everyone will make it out alive. Riding Without Fighting! by Adam and the Couch Potatoes, courtesy of

romeo and juliet Episode 11 It’s all in the details
We’re wrapping up act II, with scenes 4, 5, and 6: We get a little more Mercutio, a dash of salty nurse, all topped off by a secret marriage!

romeo and juliet Episode 10 Mind your Thees and Yous
Act II.3 introduces us to Friar Laurence - Romeo is in good hands now - and we’ll hear his wise old advice. Also, have a look at for some free Shakespeare in the park.

romeo and juliet Episode 9 Wherefore means why!
Safely hidden by the night we sneak into Act II. 2… the long awaited balcony scene! Did I say safely? There be dangerous water ahead...

romeo and juliet Episode 8 Love be blind
We stagger into Act 2 scene one, as Romeo tries to avoid his mischievous friends, setting Mercutio in rare form. And I review McCarter Theatre’s production of Twelfth Night.

romeo and juliet Episode 7 Prodigious Birth of Love
We finish off act I. Romeo and Juliet finally meet, and we have a new segment- Cover your tender ears, it's hot!

romeo and juliet Episode 6 A largess universal
Caught up in the monumental event of the day, we take another brief break from Romeo & Juliet to address the Shakespearean quality this swearing in of the 44th president of the United States has taken on.

romeo and juliet Episode 5 It's the mercutio Show!
We're into Act I scene 4, and it's all about Mercutio. Forget Romeo and Juliet, this is the man of the hour. He's a bit raunchy, but you got to love him. otherwise he might not go away...

chop bard Episode 4 Why all the repetition?
We break from our exploration of Romeo & Juliet, and take a look at two of the movies made from Shakespeare’s play. Franco Zeffirelli and Baz Luhrmann are up on the chopping block and one of them isn’t getting off all in one piece!

romeo and juliet Episode 3 Wormwood Nipples!
This is act 1 scene 2 and 3; We've got fate cooking up a little party, and a nurse who likes talking about her dugs. Yummy.

romeo and juliet Episode 2 They Die?
This is Act 1, scene 1; we’re easing into Romeo and Juliet. We linger awhile over the epilogue, point out some flaws, and offer up a little comedy in this tragedy.

chop bard Episode 1 Tearing into Will!
Let slip the dogs of war, it’s our first podcast! In this episode we introduce ourselves to the world, make the claim that we are the cure for boring Shakespeare, toss around some knowledge to show we're not punks, and offer up some tools to help dissect the plays, all in the name of entertainment.

Special Shows

Chop BArd

chop bard126 The Voice & Speech Episode
A look at how to speak the speech, with a natural, balanced voice, and not bore the audience.

chop bard119 Celebration 450!
This is the episode where we celebrate Shakespeare's 450th birthday. Musi:c Divertissement by Kevin MacLeod (

chop bard110 The Episode for Actors
On this special episode we take an in depth look at the craft of acting Shakespeare; The tools, skills, and awareness you must develop in order to competently serve an audience.

chop bard100 An Hundred Times
We celebrate our 100th episode with email, a brief history of theatre- maybe a little Henry VIII- and much more!
Hal an Tow, by Damh the Bard, courtesy of Rite of Passage, by Kevin MacLeod Additional voice work by Tom Synnott-Bell

chop bard73 Willing Expansion of Belief
It's the Iambic Pentameter episode, where guest G.Robin and I discuss the heartbeat of shakespeare's verse. Hold On, by Tom Waits, courtesy of

chop bard66 The Live Episode!
Variations on Taming of The Shrew, performed by Ehren Ziegler and Kymberly Tuttle- Recorded live at CraftLit live: New York by Knit! Organized by Heather Ordover from the CraftLit podcast, at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art (John Ordover, curator). A good time was had by all!

chop bard55 The Episode for Teachers
In this special episode for teachers, we take on Shakespeare in the classroom- it's all about identifying the obstacles, and perusing strong objectives.

chop bard54 Thrusting Shakespeare
In this special episode, join me, Heather Ordover, and Arielle Lipshaw, as we talk Rosencrantz & Guildenstern, and all things Shakespeare... mostly. Company of Fools, by Great Big Sea, courtesy of

chop bardEpisode 51 Idus Martias
Enjoy the Ides of March, with Chop Bard's remix of one of Shakespeare's most iconic speeches- Mark Antony, from Julius Caesar. (Vocals provided by Marlon Brando courtesy of MGM's, Julius Caesar, 1953)

chop bardEpisode 50 Waiting to combust (celebrating 50)
Join me and guest G.Robin Smith (Playwright, Fundraiser, Shakespearean), as we talk Tempest, DOLTS, Shakespeare, and even a little Ben Franklin, on this special 50th episode.

chop bardEpisode 37 Ladies of Hamlet
Hamlet special - Guest actor, Kymberly Tuttle, and I speak about the women of Hamlet, Shakespeare, and somehow end up with a little Brecht in the mix. It's difficult to keep on topic with so many ways to play it!

chop bard Episode 15 The Halloween episode
Happy Halloween, from Chop bard!

chop bard Episode 13 The Intermission Episode
We take a brief intermission from the tragedy of Romeo & Juliet and talk about Orange-girls, the authorship question and... intermission.

chop bard Episode 6 A largess universal
Caught up in the monumental event of the day, we take another brief break from Romeo & Juliet to address the Shakespearean quality this swearing in of the 44th president of the United States has taken on.

chop bard Episode 1 Tearing into Will! Let slip the dogs of war, it’s our first podcast! In this episode we introduce ourselves to the world, make the claim that we are the cure for boring Shakespeare, toss around some knowledge to show we're not punks, and offer up some tools to help dissect the plays, all in the name of entertainment.